Regulatory Services International (RSI) coordinates and delivers regulatory compliance solutions and provides guidance through the continually evolving regulatory landscape.  We bring together a global support service arranged through locally based highly experienced groups and delivered to you through dedicated points of contact.


Specific services include:

  • Chinese New Chemical Substance Notifications (MEP Decree No. 7)
  • Chinese chemical regulatory services
  • Product regulatory compliance assessments
  • Global chemical registrations

Chinese New Chemical Substance Notifications (MEP Decree No. 7)

We are highly experienced and have a track history of successful regulatory support  services in China.  We provide a complete Notification service for new substances in China covering:

  1. Compliance investigations
    - Inventory searches
    - Exemption reviews
    - Notification strategy development
  2. Notifications
    - Dossier preparation and translation
    - Commissioning and monitoring Chinese Ecotoxicological studies in MEP approved laboratories
    - Submission and post-submission support
  3. Representation
    - Registration Agent services

Chinese chemical regulatory services

We offer a range of regulatory services designed to support companies introducing chemical substances and products into the Chinese market.  A current area of focus is in preparing companies to understand and plan for for forthcoming Regulation on the Control over Safety of Dangerous Chemicals (State Council Decree No. 591).

Product regulatory compliance assessments

The regulatory landscape is evolving and changing at a rapid pace with new and updated regulations coming into force across a range of jurisdictions.  In this climate we work in partnership with a range of companies to review their product portfolios for regulatory compliance in current and potential future markets against current and forthcoming requirements.  This gives our clients the regulatory intelligence information to inform the business decisions they make.

Global chemical registrations

We deliver a global chemical registration service through a network on in-country expert partners.  This takes you from initial planning and registration strategy development, through Registration dossier development to submission and post-submission support.


The RSI service offering can be represented as follows:

We look forward to hearing from you and exploring ways we can be of value to you.

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